Our Experience

Hospitality Builders experience in hotel and motel construction extends to each Hospitality Builders employee. The Project Manager brings years of construction experience to the project and stands ready to deliver a timely scheduled and quality project while managing the budget to ensure economical construction costs. Professional training in negotiation aids their work with subcontractors and in all other areas of project procurement as well. In addition, each project is manned by a Job Supervisor that is literally on the job 100% of the time. He will work to see that all subcontractors, material suppliers, testing and inspecting officials and many other important aspects of the project are controlled through your entire project.

The superintendent, with the support of our office staff and proprietary software, also coordinates all of the FF&E, signage, and communication suppliers to see that it is ordered and delivered timely for their installation. Everyone is working together to help make the development of your hotel as comfortable as possible.

Hospitality Builders is uniquely suited for many other areas of construction as well. Our resume includes additions, conversions and the refurbishing of existing hotel and motel properties, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, townhouses and convenience stores. If you have an idea, we can help you bring that idea to reality.

Hospitality Builders is a dedicated group of solid professional people in whom we take a great deal of pride. Their knowledge of the many facets of this business is tops in the field; but it is the individual and the personal attention given to each project that is our stock in trade. We make friends; from owners to subcontractors to inspectors. Who could better assure the quality of your project from start to finish? We think that is what it is all about.