Construction Site Superintendent- Job Description


HBI Construction Superintendents coordinate and manage all phases of on-site construction for hotel building projects in various states.

Superintendents work directly for and at the directions of staff project managers.

Superintendents should have 5 years construction experience and a basic knowledge of the common trade practices in the construction industry. Most projects follow typical residential wood frame construction building methods.

This position requires specific attention in areas of scheduling, safety, quality and job site organizational and communication skills in order to resolve job site problems.

This position is an administrative positon and the superintendent will also be expected to be compliant with all job record keeping requirements, practices and policies. All work is performed by subcontractors. 

The superintendent is HBI’s on-site liaison person and must have good communication skills to deal with owners, building officials, subcontractors, office personnel, etc.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Promotes job site safety, encourages safe work practices and rectifies job site hazards immediately through enforcing the company’s site safety polices and subcontractor safety policies
  2. Assist Project Manager in resolving worksite issues quickly and effectively in order to keep work progress on track including finding subcontractors for various trades
  3. Comply with all required office administration documentation: Dailey reports, safety check lists, purchase orders, weekly subcontractor goal setting and safety meetings, job schedule updates, pictures and videos, and subcontractor information requirements
  4. Maintain liaison with local and state building officials to ensure that all local practices and inspection requirements are fulfilled
  5. Maintain and schedule all material deliveries (construction and owner FF&E items)
  6. Directs all subcontractors to achieve completion of the project on schedule with quality workmanship that conforms to original plans and specifications
  7. Help project manager and office staff secure needed subcontractor bids
  8. Obtain and maintain all pertinent on-site job records as required by local and federal agencies; OSHA accident report, equal employment, SDS sheets, etc.
  9. Conduct weekly goal setting and safety meetings with all on-site subcontractors
  10. Construction scheduling for all work phases
  11. Complete project take off estimates and be knowledgeable of all project requirements
  12. Must maintain a neat appearance at all times 

Position Requirements:


To apply please send resume to or mail to Hospitality Builders, Inc.; 150 Knollwood Dr., Rapid City, SD 57701.




 Primary Function:

Provide overall management direction (budget, quality, scheduling) for multiple hotel construction projects in multiple states.

Typical Duties:

  1. Plan, organize and staff key field positions
  2. Establish project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards within boundaries of corporate policy
  3. Maintain liaison with prime client, financial institutions and A/E contracts, to facilitate construction activities
  4. Monitor/control construction through administrative direction of on-site Superintendent to ensure project is built on schedule and within budget; investigate potentially serious situations and implement corrective measures
  5. Represent company in project meetings, assist in labor negotiations/strategy meetings, etc.
  6. Manage financial aspects of contracts (draw requests, payments, and reporting) to protect company’s interest and simultaneously maintain good relationship with client
  7. Assume additional responsibilities as directed by corporate executives
  8. Responsible for all subcontractor and material negotiations and purchases
  9. Oversee total construction efforts to ensure project is constructed in accordance with project plans, specification, design, budgets and schedule
  10. Make frequent site inspections and coordination visit
  11. Must maintain a neat appearance at all times
  12. Help estimate and secure subcontractor and material bids for new potential projects

Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, & Experience:

Education and experience include: prefer 4 years of construction management degree or equivalent, plus five or more years’ experience of construction, design, finance, and management required. Must be able to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee performance.  Must have a thorough understanding of industry practices, processes, standards, and their impact on project activities.  Superior communication and interpersonal (tact, diplomacy, influence, etc.) skills essential.  Must have 30 hour OSHA Safety course.


Reports to Senior Management. Makes decisions and recommendations which can greatly impact corporate relationship with client and project profitability.  Makes independent judgments and management decisions.

Compensation & Benefits:

Competitive salary and performance incentive program. Travel expenses provided. Health insurance and 401(k) retirement.

Please send your resume to or mail to Hospitality Builders, Inc. 150 Knollwood Dr. Rapid City, SD 57701.