About Us

Hospitality Builders are proud to be part of the hospitality industry; since 1975 our primary goal has been to construct hotels and motels, using the most efficient construction methods and best materials available without compromising quality at economical costs.

Hospitality Builders has built over 500 hotels and motels, and is licensed in all 50 states. We have learned many things over the past years by specializing in hotel and motel construction. However, we know that each hotel and motel is different and we have melded the specialization that creates timely and affordable projects with the flexibility that is needed to give the owner a project with its own distinct quality. This combination just does not happen overnight; it has been a long and deliberate process that now allows the owner / developer and his management staff alike to benefit from countless areas of refinement in both functional design and practical construction applications. We have the knowledge that only this type of experience brings, resulting in lower job costs, faster construction and a superior finished product.

Flexibility to adjust to your situation is also very important. We will build to your plans or assist you in obtaining plans from architects who have prepared construction documents for our hotel and motel projects. We can also assist your architect with our own drafting department (Computer Aided Design (CAD) system); bringing speed, flexibility and accuracy to your project. Along with the ability to develop contract documents, our project coordinators will take your project thtough the complete permitting path, freeing you to concentrate on financing, design consideration, operations, marketing and many other important tasks.

Standard contractual options are available to you as an owner. We will bid competitively from your plans; giving you a guaranteed Stipulated Sum figure or under certain conditions, we could work with you on a Cost Plus a Fee contract. Either way, if you want us there putting on the finishing touches the day before you open the doors, we will be there. Or we will work with you to almost any stage of construction that you prefer. Whatever contract option you may choose, our many years of maintaining good relationships and national contracts ensures direct and timely delivery of the best products from top name suppliers nationwide. A professionally staffed purchasing department coordinates delivery of these supplies from heating to lighting, doors to windows, paint to plumbing fixtures - to assist you in the best possible combination of timing, quality and price.